Objective of Industrial Hygiene Program

            As we know personal hygiene and hygiene of surroundings are very necessary in these pandemic to protect ourselves from COVID19 and other deadly disease. So we come up with a solution to these problems by providing the institutions with best quality hygiene products with cheapest price as a motive to serve our society.

            Main objective of Enlocare Industrial Hygiene program is to make awareness to professional and students about personal hygiene and hygiene of the surroundings. Enlocare Industrial Hygiene Program is focused on industries like hospitals, Schools and Educational Institution and other industries.


            The institution participated in the program will be granted with unlimited supply of best quality cleaning products with cheapest price in the market. The institution can subscribe or unsubscribe the program any time they want. The participant institution will get additional benefits, compliments and services from the company. There is no limit for the supply and offers.

Our products met the standard quality and are being used in every part of India. We use harmless chemicals and ingredients in our products and all our products are allergy free

contact us more details : ihp@enlocare.com